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How do I Post, Create, Edit and/or Pause a Post?

  • Creating a post
    • Creating a post is simple, just go to the orange Post-a-Post button at the top right of any ASH web page.  Click on it to start the posting process
  • Editing an Existing Post
    • To edit an existing post first go to My Dashboard.  You will be presented with a list of your postings. Click on the ‘pencil’ next to the posting you want to edit to enter the ‘Edit Your Post’ area.
  • Pausing a Live Post
    • To pause an existing post first go to My Dashboard.  You will be presented with a list of your postings. Click on the pause button on the post you want pause.
  • How do I add Tools to my post?
    • Just click on Tool’s drop down field and select ‘Yes’ to activate the tool on your posting.
  • Password Protecting a Post
    • Just enter a password of your choice in the Post Password field. Using a password on your post will hide certain fields (information) from all users until you give them your post’s password. Fields that are protected/ hiddent are indicated by an image of a Locked-Lock. Alternately, fields that are not protected/hidden are indicated by an image of Unlocked-Lock.


  • Show Poster Information Tab Tool
    • When you first register as a user you are required to enter your contact information. Some Posters want to make their contact information available, from their post, to other users. A Poster has three choices: 1) Show their contact information to registered and non- egistered users, 2) Show their contact information to only registered users, and 3) Not to show their contact information to any user.
  • Show Map Tool
    • Some Posters want to make map available of the location of their post’s opportunity. Choosing ‘Yes’ in the drop down field will activating the map tool.
  • Confidentiality Agreement Tool
    • Confidentiality agreements are used to protect the Poster’s confidential information before it is given to and Interested Party.  ASH has provided a default generic Confidentiality Agreement for its Posters. However, if a Poster requires different lanuage a Custom Confidentiality Agreement can be used created. Entering words in the Custom CA field will deactivate the default CA.
    • Default Confidentiality Agreement
      • The default CA will be presented to an IP when they request a password to your post.  To read the default CA click on the ‘default text’ link under drop down field.
    • Custom Confidentiality Agreement
      • A custom CA is confidentiality agreement written by the Poster. When words are written into the Custom CA field, the default CA will be deactivated.
  • Expressions of Interest Tool
    • Refer to Expression of Interest FAQ page for details

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