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Important Terms

Important Terms Used on this Site

  • A User
    • Any user that has registered on Access Senior Housing or iAccess.
  • A Poster
    • Your are a Poster if you have a currently posted post(s) on Access Senior Housing.
  • An Interest Party
    • Your are a Interested Party when you have a currently posted Expression of Interest (EOI) on a post.
  • An Authorized User
    • Only A Poster or Interested Party can make other Users authorized users. More.
  • A Visitor
    • You are a Visitor if you have not registered on the site.
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) what they are and what they are not.
    • An Expression of Interest represents a person’s expression of interest in a property or opportunity and no more. Expressions of Interest are non-binding. One of the goals of many of the users of the Access Senior Housing Site is to gauge the interest others have in a property or an opportunity. Many site users will wish to work towards a non-binding Letter of Intent with others on this site, and thereafter to use that Letter of Intent elsewhere reach a binding agreement using professionals such as lawyers, accountants and others to bring a transaction to fruition.
  • Registration Password
    • A Registration Password is the password you used to create your User account.
  • Post Password
    • A Post Password is the password email to you by the Poster of a post . This password will unlock a post.

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