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Beta Testers

Call for Access Senior Housing Beta Testers

Many of you have been asking how to be part of the Access Senior Housing (‘Access’) beta testing program. Well, today we’ve officially launched the first ‘Access’ beta testing program.  Now is the time for you to become part of Access Senior Housing history.

Not interested in being a tester, but would like to start using iAccess Reports now? Click here to post your report.

Being a beta tester is actually a lot of fun (you just find a ‘bug’ or mistake) but it requires a little work on your part. You will need to dedicate several hours of your time, between now and February 10, 2017,  to help flush out any bugs before Access is ready for general release. You can participate as much or as little as you like.

The Beta Tester qualifications are really simple:

1. You must register on Access (between December 5, 2016 and February 21th, 2017).

2. You must be a senior housing principal or third party professional.

3. You must familiarize yourself on how Access Senior Housing posts and their included Tools work:

Expressions of Interests (EOI)

Confidentiality Agreements (CA)


Poster Information Tab (PIT)

Contact Message Tab (CMT)

Message Area/Archive

Message, History and Archive Areas for all tools

Creating and Editing a post

Email Notifications

Registration Page


4. In the role of a ‘Poster,’ and Access as the Interested Party, you will need to create at least one sample (or real) confidential posting, then test (on your desk or laptop computer) the Request Password, Confidentiality Agreement, Expressions of Interest, and other deal-making Tools on it.

5. In the role of an ‘Interested Party,’ and Access as the Poster, you will need to test (on your desk or laptop computer) the Request Password, Confidentiality Agreement, Expressions of Interest, and other deal-making Tools on at least one of the sample posts that have been posted by Access.

6. Test above items #4 and #5 on your PDA (if you have one). Access works great on iPhones, iPads, and other PDA devices.

7. If you find a bug on the site, just document each step you took, what page you were on, as well as the bug behavior, and send it to us at ash@AccessSeniorHousing.com

Beta Tester Benefits

1. Three (3) free 90-day postings and their included Tool uses. Free postings must be posted by no later than February 21th, 2017 for this benefit to apply.

2.  Qualify for drawing of free 90-day banner ads (A maximum of 12 are available and will be drawn by random selection by February 23th, 2017. If selected, your banner ad graphic must be submitted to Access by February 12th, 2017 for this benefit to apply. For banner ad specifications and rules click here).

If you are ready for the excitement and the challenge, please click here to register. You will be sent a confirmation email as soon as you register. We will be validating all registrants against our customer list to ensure you qualify for the beta testing program.

Many thanks for your interest in Access Senior Housing. In a week you will know you made the right choice.

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